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Michael J.

More about me

My name is Mike J.

I am not just a geek; I have a normal life too. I am singing at my band and enjoy playing with my buddies. I love to travel, relish cuisines of the world and most importantly read feverishly.

I write about audio gear in various magazines and specialize in wireless technologies. I have turned into an avid blogger and podcaster too.

Any friction between technology and music can ruin a concert, theatre, or any live show. Hence I have attempted sincerely to educate you on the nuances of wireless technology and what are the key things you should keep in mind when you plan to buy products related to music and sound.

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I am a professional electrical engineer and have been working in the recording industry for more than a decade.

I have always been fascinated with acoustics and how the right atmosphere especially in a stadium or a theatre can change the quality of sound completely.

My fascination for this led me to delve deeper into the field of acoustic design and today am an acknowledged acoustic consultant.

Even today I get excited when I am amidst recording where by manipulating the equalizers and electronic effects, mixing sound, reproducing it and you can deliver music that is memorable, hummable and foot tapping.

My early days

As a child I was a good student and excelled at everything. I was always passionate about music, but it took a back seat till I finished my degree. But the longing was too much and I took up a job in a recording studio. I haven’t looked back since then because my work is my passion.

My expertise

I have been in the industry for more than a decade; my background in electrical engineering has stood me in good stead all along. I understand the technical aspect of recording – like the range and frequency of a microphone, its placement, adjusting the amplifier, the innumerable knobs and setting them at the correct level.

I always enjoy checking sound and doing live mixing using an audio console and meddling with the sound reinforcement system during music concerts, theatres, sports events, corporate meets, and church sermons and any other live performances.

Passionate to grow

Always in tune with the latest technology in the music field, I make an attempt to stay up-to-date with all technological advancements in my field.

Sharing is caring

I believe knowledge is for sharing and hence this foray into the digital media. My passion for music and my knowledge of acoustic and sound gear have helped me write reviews and provide information to the readers.


My website focuses on providing relevant information, reviews and how to do on various musical instruments and the recording equipment involved. I have made a humble attempt at providing a very objective and comprehensive review of musical accessories and sound gear.


The highlights of the website

  • To provide in depth knowledge of musical instruments and sound gear
  • To provide objective reviews and useful information on products
  • To guide you in making informed decisions
  • Enlighten audience to acoustic basics
  • Compare products and state the pros and cons unequivocally
  • To troubleshoot malfunctions in acoustic gear.