Oktava MK-319 Condenser Microphone Review – 2019

When it comes to recording your audio in a studio, your needs are completely different from that for an on stage performance.

The room is small, enclosed, sound proofed and acoustically designed to get the best out of the audio.

While the settings are different the microphone that is used for recording is also different from that of a stage mic.

Why Condenser Microphones?

Condenser microphones are predominantly used for recording purposes, while it is the dynamic mics that are preferred on-stage. This is because they are very sensitive to sounds that are loud and can be used for both vocals and instruments when there is very little movement required (like in a studio).

These condenser mics produce a wide range frequency and a high quality of sound which favors studio recordings. Though dynamic mics are also used in recording studios, it is the condenser type which gets the main focus.

The Oktava MK-319

This large diaphragm condenser mic (Oktava MK-319) from Oktava is an improvement to the previous version the MK-219. It is preferred for a recording studio as the large diaphragm due to the variety in its pickup pattern. It can pick up just about anything in the studio. This provides you a clean recording of all the elements in the studio.

Main Features

Here are some of the features of the Oktava MK-319 that make is a great choice for recording purposes:

New Body –

The Oktava mk-319 has been given a new casing, keeping acoustics in mind. It cuts down the sound refractions within the grill and hence produces a very smooth yet wide range of sound.

Sturdy –

the new body is more rugged and sturdy, thus making the mic more long lasting. Though there is no movement involved within a studio, accidents do happen and when a mic is damaged even a little, it loses its sound quality.

When inside a studio, even the slightest damage can make a huge difference to the sound produced. Hence a stronger body is a welcome change.

Fixed Cardioid –

This mic has a cardioids fixed pattern which enables it to pick up all the sounds emanating within the studio, evenly. When there is more than one vocalist along with instruments, this mic picks it all. Due to the cardioids pattern, the person right in front of the mic gets more attention while the rest are also picked, to give the effect of a live performance.

Frequency response –

With a wide frequency response of 20 hz to 18 khz, the sound produced by this mic is highly accurate and clear. This aids in a flat response, which is a major advantage in a recording studio.

Gives Warmth And Clarity –

With the fixed cardioids pattern picking up the sounds all around and the frequency response, this microphone gives the voice recorded, more warmth and clarity. This will not only make the person sound good in the recording but will give that human touch that is necessary for any audio to be well received.

Flat Sound –

The sound picked is delivered “flat”. This results in very little variation from the original sound, thus giving you a natural effect. The recording is as original as possible. What you hear on playback is very close to what you hear in person.

Negative Points

Though a mic loaded with features, it has its share of negatives, like any other product in the market.

Not For Professionals –

Though the Oktava mk-319 is good for a recording studio, it is not a great option for a professional recording. The sound quality produced is not as rich as some of its counterparts could produce. This is more suitable for a small or a home recording.

No Windscreen –

For a studio microphone, a windscreen is an important addition as you don’t want your breath noise and other sounds to be recorded. This mic does not come with either a pop filter or a windscreen. Hence, if you want to avoid plosive sounds, you have to buy a windscreen separately.


This microphone is the XLR type and not the USB type. Thus, not a plug and play types like the USB. You will need other additional accessories to help you plug it in and use with your computer and other systems. Hence, not only do you need to invest more in terms of other equipment, the set up time required is also more.

Advantages Over Competition

There are a number of large diaphragm microphones in the market. However, the Oktava mk-319 is better than its competition, in the following ways:

Low Cost –

When compared to other large diaphragm microphones in the market, the Oktava mk-319 is very low priced. With the sea of features this microphone has to offer, this one is worth the money. For a person who does not want to or cannot afford to spend too much on studio equipment, this can save the day.

Suitable For Deep Voice –

This mic picks up the voice very well and adds warmth to it. It makes the recording sound like the person is singing right next to you. For deep voices, this is very advantageous, as it carries the depth and richness of the voice, without any falter.

Versatile –

This mic is good not only for recording vocals, but everything else too. Even the instruments get a good response and the wide frequency response helps it to deliver the music as it is. It picks up everything and delivers very accurately.

Can be Used Outdoors Too –

Though it is intended for recording purposes, you can use this as a back-up mic on a stage too. If the stage is small and not too many external noises to disturb the performance, this mic can lift the voice of the performer and deliver with clarity.

The cartioid feature enables it to pick more of the voice up close than the other sounds around, hence a good option for on-stage use.


Any mic that you invest in must be able to deliver the sounds as intended. It helps to have features that can enhance and sharpen the sounds, but not always. When you are in a recording studio, the acoustics play a major role in maintaining the sounds as it is. Every sound is amplified and the mic must be able to receive it and respond in the same manner.

When you are investing in a mic, always make sure to:

  1. Ensure it is the right frequency for your need
  2. Ensure it is suitable for your needs
  3. Ensure it is not too complicated to set up
  4. Have a mic testing to see if you like what you hear
  5. Keep in mind the acoustics and the need (for vocal or instruments, etc)

The Oktava mk-319 is one of the finest and well equipped mic in its category. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool for your home recordings, this is the mic to buy. Its frequency response and versatility in use makes it a worthy buy. Though it is only an improvised version of the previous model, it can successfully deliver clear and smooth audio.

With a pocket friendly price, this is apt for someone who is starting out in their music career and cannot afford to have different mics for different purposes. Go ahead and invest in this mic without having to break the bank. Top 5 vocal microphones list.

Mike J.
Oktava MK-319 Condenser Microphone